Innovation Is About Asking The Right Questions

What is innovation?

Nowadays, Innovation is not an option. Currently, Innovation is not just adapting to reality, but creating value while you adapt and predicting what will be the reality. The ultimate goal of innovation in an organization is to upgrade its products and/or services or create new ones, in order to improve the customer experience of your client. People are tired of consuming products, people want to be understood, people want to feel belonged, people, want to make fewer decisions. Customers want to feel cared for.

Where the process of innovation happens?

Today innovation is not just about the process of the company, it is not just in the logistics, it is not only in the technology of the organization, but it is also not only in the culture or structure of the organization. Everything is connected, and it less than 6 months you can be out of the market if you didn't take enough energy on your organization's

“Too many organizations are trying to control the waves instead of learning how to surf.” Mary Poppendieck paraphrasing Allen Ward.

Most executives realize this and that’s why 84% of executives think that innovation is crucial for their future success and only 4% haven’t defined innovation as a strategic priority. According to my experience, organizations do not think enough time on setting the best plan for constant innovativeness. Innovation should be a constant priority for an organization.

The most effective process of innovation according to my experience, relies on constantly asking you and your customers what do they feel with your product, taking a look at the trends of all industries and your industry, in particular. Is about constantly asking why things are the way they are, and not in another way?

What can I do in order to improve the innovativeness in my organization?

Thus, how can you create this mindset if it’s not already present in your organization? The simple answer is you just start doing it, even if you’re the only one. Think that you can also make it and that innovation is not only for some organizations or some companies. Remember that most great innovations have been developed by regular people inspired by a problem. Curiosity and the need to solve problems are the main reasons for the greatest innovations.

The most important thing that you need to learn is - You will fail. Not one. Not 100 times. Not 1000 times. You will fail multiple and several times and you will don’t know what to do. Innovation is about experimenting, trying new things, not being comfortable with anything, is “asking constantly what if...”, is to get motivation after things went bad. But to be honest, failing is so good because it is clear that “this is not the way to go”, after you fail, you actually know another way to not do something, and that is awesome. You need to understand that 99% of your ideas won’t be great, but that 1% is where the magic happens. Once you understand that failing is necessary, you are one step ahead. You will fail, try to fail the most when your customer is not actually seeing you. Fail in small experiments, fail in small events, use 15% on experimenting. Sometimes, I believe innovation is about failing in the right moments. And it is true, isn't it? Question your value proposition, take 1 afternoon a week to understand the challenges of your clients, talk to your customers, put yourself in the shoes of all the stakeholders, and ask if things are really like that or if they should be improved. Never stay too far from your customers.

"Fail in small experiments, fail in small events, use 15% on experimenting. Sometimes, I believe innovation is about failing in the right moments." Gonçalo

The shift of mindset

There is a need for a shift of problem-focused mindset into a customer-centered mindset. You want your customer never actually reaches a problem, the customer wants to understand without saying a word. That’s the spot where innovation really happens. Before creating complicated complex innovation, take one step back and understand what actually are the problems of your customers and what are you actually solving.

Most of the time, customers don't know exactly what they want, you need to show to them.



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