How To Cook a Designer?

In my experience, a designer is a producer, the designer is a creator of all sorts of things: music, images, artwork, paintings, products, whatever. The designer is a curious being who has to express himself, who believes that everything can be simplified, everything can be improved and everything can be created. Which company equates existing without having multiple designers? The average number of designers in a company is 27 designers.

Sketch of DaVinci in Codex Atlântico

The numbers of designers at my company, according to this research of inVision

The designer is also a curious - Someone who is never satisfied. The Designer wants to find out the detail of the detail. You want to understand why this is this and why this is not that, and what makes something into something - What is the true identity of something, and then actually make it happen. And you believe that everything is connected to everything. There are no limits. As different as the designer is, this professional is above all a simplifier of information in a clear way, and if one can "something entertaining". For me, this is how a designer's function can be summed up into:

Simplify. Clarify. Create. Fun. Solve.


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