The Story of I am an Opinion

Origine of our life

I am an Opinion was founded in 2019 to provide clients with exceptional design services. We believe in staying at the forefront of the latest trends; providing our clients with modern and truly creative ideas. From the initial strategy to the final outcome, we offer guidance and support throughout the whole design process.
I am the owner of a Design Studio named "I am an Opinion" based in Amsterdam that provides design services. I am particularly interested in combining design, art, engineer, and science. I am the most curious person you will ever meet your life.

What did I do?
I’m a Portuguese who works with Marketing for an international company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have experience with Graphic Design, Google Ads, Business Innovation Reporting and working in a Marketing team. I also work as a freelancer!
I worked as a Fashion Model and yes I really like fashion psychology and design;
I am a remarkably curious person with chill energy and a wow attitude.
Fascinated by history, politics, homo sapiens evolution, Renassaince and mainly Leonardo da Vinci. And everything you can imagine.

What do I do besides work?
For me working is what I like to do, I work a lot and for me is fun, and it should be fun. I like passion on doing everything, I love the art - I go to a lot of museums, I write every day on Quora about loads of different topics, I love sports, I love reading, I appreciate to talk to people I don't know, and more than that I like usefulness. Oh yes, and I absolutely love people. Sometimes humans are strange but overall they are nice creatures. Really. I always date with humans.

What are my motto and Experience?
Motto: If I can think about it, I can make it. All the universe is a machine.
The people who inspire me the most are Leonardo da Vinci, Neri Oxman, and Yuval Harari.

Tell me just one little thing: How can we change this world and make it even better?
Send me a wow message and let's much more than a Linkedin connection.

Amsterdam 2019

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